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And nowadays the wicks are also rolled by grandmas in oldage and poor homes.

 How we do it…

The raw materials are provided for free to the elders.There is no skilled 

training required as they are used to the process of rolling wicks 

throughout their life .

 We sell the rolled wicks to the temples, individuals and institutions .

 It is a small task which keeps the old aged in poor homes occupied

 and also help them  earn a living even at this age. 

Another advantage is that it gives an amazing accupressure

 effect to their fingers as they twist the cotton fiber

The project supported by GoodKarma foundation.

‘Wicksdom’ – wicks for oil lamps.

(‘Ammoommatthiri’ in malayalam language)


It started as an activity to keep my 88 year old

 grandma occupied. She regularly makes wicks for our lamps

in the prayer room. I suggested  that she makes a few extra ones to distribute among her other children and relatives. The excitement she had in gifting the wicks made me realize how much she yearns to prove that she is still worthy of doing something for others. I also started supplying it to temples in and around. This gave her immense joy to know that the wicks where used in faraway temples which she is unable to visit.


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