Water bulb-installed in Bhopal slums.

A Vijnana Bharathi initiative.

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fill water in a regular pet bottle.cut out a hole in a tin sheet .secure the bottle on to the sheet.The top part where the bottle meet the tinsheet willl cause leakage ,so use sealant to avoid leakage.

Cut a hole on the roof to the diameter of the plastic bottle  and insert the bottle.Fix tin sheet to the roof  using rivets.and seal the edges with sealant to prevent water  seeping down the roof.

sunny bright outside.  :)

 but pitch dark inside   :(

Pure MAGIC!!!!!!  Sunlight is refracted by the water particles and emits light equivalent to 50watt bulb.

  Power of P.U.R.E

  Upcycling plastic bottles to create light in slums. 

one of the most socially beneficial  applications of akriology ever.